Discuss the challenges in IP protection that 3D printing creates, and learn about the latest patent developments in China and Korea. In April, the EPO will host two high-profile conferences on intellectual property protection.

With not one, but two events in April, the European Patent Office (EPO) will be highlighting current developments in IP protection: The conference Shaping Tomorrow will be devoted to 3D printing and its impact on IP protection. In contrast, the conference East Meets West focuses on developments in patents and IP knowledge, especially in Asia.

The conference Shaping Tomorrow on the topic of 3D printing, which will take place on 2 April in Berlin, will focus on the challenges that additive manufacturing poses for the protection of intellectual property. Topics of the one-day event include the impact of 3D printing on copyright, patents, and design rights. Discuss with policy makers, entrepreneurs, and investors to what extent the current IP system is prepared for these new challenges. The conference is a joint event of the EPO and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO); it is aimed at SMEs, researchers, IP professionals, and representatives from politics and business.

The two-day expert forum East Meets West will highlight the latest IP developments in Asia and other regions, on 23 and 24 April in Vienna. The conference will focus especially on e.g. Japan, China, Korea, and Brazil. You can look forward to, for example, reports from experts on how to deal with the growing volume of patent data in Asia. Other topics to be discussed include current and upcoming changes in legislation, IP research possibilities, and the potential of artificial intelligence.

Registration for both events is available on the website of the EPO.

Source: EPO