British authorities have now launched a new database to assist law enforcement agencies worldwide in the fight against product and brand piracy. Trademark owners can use it to enter information regarding the protection of their intellectual property.

Developed by the London Criminal Police Unit (PIPCU), the aim of the new database, called the IP Crime Directory, is to provide law enforcement agencies worldwide with appropriate information. With the database the authorities should be able to identify counterfeits faster and thus speed up the investigative and prosecution processes.

Trademark owners can upload information about their products to the database, making it available to police and customs officials around the world. This may include, for example, details of specific security features of their products, which are important for the detection of possible counterfeits by officials. Depending on the size of the entry, participating companies pay a minimum of 375 pounds (approx. 430 euros) annually.

“The key to tackling intellectual property crime is business and law enforcement working together to take action against criminals who undermine not only the UK economy, but economies worldwide”, explained Detective Chief Superintendent Glenn Maleary, head of the economic crime directorate at the City of London Police. “The IP Crime Directory will help bring more criminals to justice, reduce the amount of dangerous counterfeits on the market, and provide consumers with certainty that the products they buy are originals.”

You can find more information on the website of the IP Crime Directory. According to the London Police, all profits generated by the operation of the directory are to be reinvested in the fight against IP crimes.

Sources: City of London Police IP Crime Directory, IP Pro