The PATINFO2016 patent conference will take place in early June at the Technical University of Ilmenau. This year’s expert forum on patent information and commercial legal protection will focus on “big data.” Those who decide to attend sufficiently in advance can save with an early bookers rebate.

From June 8 to 10, you have the chance to participate in the PATINFO2016 conference in Ilmenau, Germany. The colloquium on patent information and commercial legal protection will be dedicated to the topic of “Big Data – Chances and Challenges.” The event is organised by the Thuringia Regional Patent Office (PATON) of the Technical University Ilmenau.

Patent and brand experts from industrial companies, patent offices, information service providers, and research institutions will deliver exciting specialist presentations on current developments in intellectual property and the special topic, big data. Interested parties can learn more about “Big Data and Patents – Chances for Increasing Efficiency,” “Unitary Patent – Costs and Risks,” or “IP Risk Assessment,” among numerous other current topics.

In a complementary exhibition, you can learn more about the current technology produced by Thuringia’s institutions of higher education and research institutes, and inform yourself about new developments from various software and information service providers. The event is rounded out by a free workshop program.

This year’s PATINFO will continue to address the questions of patent attorneys, patent experts, engineers, natural scientists, service and information providers and brokers, as well as officials and ministries active in commercial legal protection. A welcome evening on June 8 will mark the beginning of the conference and promote the exchange of information.

You can find more details about PATINFO2016 and register on the PATON event website. Participants who register before May 9, 2016 benefit from early booker savings.

Source: PATON | TU Ilmenau