With a new online survey, the EU Commission is gathering information on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in third countries until mid-November. The goal is to identify where there are particularly serious problems with IP protection.

The EU Commission is currently inviting companies to share their experience of how well intellectual property is protected in third countries, and how well IP rights can be enforced. The public consultation forms the basis of the new Third Country Report by the EU Commission; the report identifies countries with problems in protecting the IPR of companies from the European Union.

Until 16 November, you can participate in the current EU survey, which is part of the “European Union’s Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries”. The survey aims to identify those non-member countries, in which the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights is lacking. In addition, the list of priority countries with particularly serious problems will be updated too. The consultation is one of the measures to help third countries improve their IPR systems. It is also supposed to help focus the actions and resources of the EU Commission on priority countries; and to make right holders aware of IP risks in third countries.

The EU Commission last published its Third Country Report in January 2020 and defined a total of thirteen countries with a strong need for action

Source: European Commission