In China, law enforcement officials were recently able to break up a counterfeiting ring thought to have sold illegal iPhones on a large scale. Three supposed perpetrators were now arrested.

The suspects from Southern China are presumed to have bought up used iPhones in order to refurbish and resell them as new at high prices. The men allegedly generated more than 10 million yuan (more than one million euro) with the scheme.

The Chinese authorities became aware of the counterfeiting ring and began to investigate after receiving an anonymous tip. According to reports, officials confiscated 200 iPhone boxes with accessories, including chargers, headphones, and the like, when arresting the suspects. They also secured more than 180 iPhones, including current models such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The men are said to have sold their illegal products in more than 20 Chinese provinces. One of the suspects had previously been convicted in connection with counterfeit mobiles and released on bail.

Source: South China Morning Post