Discover two free, new online guides: Learn more about IP legislation and legal frameworks in key EU and non-EU countries; and about effective strategies and tips for trademark protection in online commerce.

Two free resources of the English-language trade magazine World Trademark Review now inform you about the current state and recent developments in brand protection. Practice-relevant analyses and tips sum up information on trademark jurisdiction in selected countries, as well as details on effective trademark protection on the Internet.

Detailed background knowledge and country-specific information on the legal framework is available in the World Trademark Review Yearbook 2020/2021. As a guide to jurisdiction, it combines detailed insights into procedures and strategies for brand protection in 24 selected countries. Local experts inform on the structure of country-specific trademark legislation. A special focus is placed on the particularities and innovations in featured countries, including European countries such as Germany, Spain, and the UK; American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and the USA; and countries from Asia-Pacific and Africa, for example China, India, Japan, and Uganda.

Important information on legal procedures against counterfeiting in online trade can be found in the Online Brand Enforcement guide. The online resource focuses on hands-on measures for effective IP protection on the Internet. Experts for example detail specific strategies for fighting counterfeiting and trademark infringements on relevant marketplaces, as well as new country-specific tools and guidelines for effective anti-counterfeiting measures, including new e-commerce laws in China and strategies specifically for the Russian market.

Both resources are available in English and can be accessed for free on the World Trademark Review website.

Source: World Trademark Review