With its new communications campaign, the French trade association UNIFAB wants to raise public awareness of the dangers of counterfeiting. The campaign particularly focuses on online buyers.

In France, the Union des Fabricants (UNIFAB) association is using the holiday season to launch a new anti-counterfeiting information campaign. July through August, the association will be raising awareness of the potential dangers of fakes on beaches in Southern France.

With the slogan “Les meilleurs plans n’en sont pas forcément… Attention à la contrefaçon,” the initiative will run in Cannes, Biarritz, Marseille, Nice, and Saint-Tropez, among other places. The campaign is coordinated by UNIFAB in cooperation with customs and police authorities, the French patent and trademark office (INPI), and the Comité national anti-contrefaçon (CNAC).

The initiative uses promotional materials such as flyers and is complemented by a large online advertising campaign, aimed primarily at users of e-commerce platforms. Collaborating with Google, Facebook, and Instagram, UNIFAB aims make online buyers aware of the potential health and safety risks and the economic damage caused by the growing trade in counterfeits.

In a release on the campaign, UNIFAB’s president Christian Peugeot stressed the pivotal role of communications and information in the fight against counterfeiting: “The public must be made aware of, warned against, and protected from the dangers which they may incur in order to prevent this illegal and dangerous economy from invading France and Europe.”

Source: UNIFAB