Learn more about Asian patent information at the 2016 “East meets West” Patent Forum in Vienna, organised by the European Patent Office. Additional training units and a workshop round out the event’s program.

This annual English-language event offers you the chance to exchange information with experts in the area of Asian patent information. In plenary sessions and small discussion groups, participants discuss themes such as new patent rules in India, challenges with Russian and Eurasian patents, and future changes to Chinese law.

In addition to the 2016 “East meets West” patent forum itself, the European Patent Office also offers participants a free workshop with representatives of Asian patent offices. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen and further improve cooperation between users of Asian patent information and Asian patent offices.

You also have the chance to learn more about professional research tools from Asia and patent information in Brazil or Mexico in fee-based seminars.

Registration for the event is possible on the website of the European Patent Office until 24 March 2016.

Source: Europäisches Patentamt