The unitary EU patent is coming – prepare now

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A compact seminar offered by Management Circle now offers the opportunity to prepare for the introduction of the new EU patent. Discuss with experts about the various opportunities and risks, and find out how the new patent affects your company.

Within just one day, the compact seminar offers you a comprehensive insight into the new EU patent as well as the role of the new European Patent Court. The speakers, Dr. Dr. Jochen Herr, lawyer and patent attorney, and Dr. Matthias Zigann, presiding judge at the Munich district court, clarify current developments and possible effects on IP strategies. Three dates are available for the seminar: the 29th of May in Cologne, the 26th of June in Frankfurt/Main, and the 24th of July in Munich.

The seminar deals with concrete changes for patent holders, such as the filing of new patents, for example. It also explains the implications for companies that violate the EU patent law and the impact the Brexit will have on the unitary EU patent.

The compact seminar in German-language is aimed at participants from sectors such as Intellectual Property Rights, Industrial Property Rights, Patents and Law. Patent managers and coordinators from research and development and innovation management as well as lawyers and patent attorneys are also addressed. Registration as well as the detailed seminar program are available on the website of Management Circle AG (German).

Source: Management Circle AG

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