Revisit the year 2019 with some of the most interesting articles from the last months. Our highlights gather alarming reports, startling reportages, interesting studies, and landmark court rulings.

As the year draws to a close, we would like to thank you for your tremendous interest over the past months. As a brief retrospective, we have selected a few highlights from the numerous news and background reports of 2019 – we hope you enjoy reading them!

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These articles have been among the most interesting posts for you in the past year:

EU: Zoll verzeichnet rasanten Anstieg an Beschlagnahmungen

EU: Customs see massive surge in seizures
Customs authorities in the EU confiscated about a quarter more consignments of counterfeit goods in 2018 than they did in 2017, according to a recent EU report. Next to this drastic increase, many of the countries of origin of illegal products seized are rather surprising.
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Aufsehenerregende Reportage thematisiert Piraterie in den Massenmedien

Eye-catching new report takes counterfeiting into mass media
The well-known German news outlets ARD, NDR, and Die Zeit are currently drawing attention to counterfeiting with a broad reportage, generating awareness for the illegal billion-euro business that criminals are conducting at the expense of manufacturers and consumers alike.
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EU veröffentlicht erstmals Überwachungsliste

EU publishes first-ever counterfeiting watch list
With its recently published watch list, the EU aims to encourage action against counterfeiting. The list includes both offline and online marketplaces outside of the EU which promote or encourage counterfeiting. However, some strongly criticized operators are missing.
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Editors’ picks

If you ask us, these articles are also among 2019’s highlights:

Organized crime fuels trade in fakes
Counterfeiting is increasingly dominated by organized crime syndicates, a recent analysis by Europol and EUIPO shows. The groups are growing more and more sophisticated – raising a serious problem for consumers, businesses, and authorities alike.
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Junge Erwachsene anfällig für Fälschungen

Young adults susceptible to fakes, study shows
A surprisingly large share of the Generation Z is buying counterfeit goods, an international study by INTA now shows. However, brand owners have good chances of changing the so-called Gen Zers’ minds on fakes.
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Shipping company wins in trademark dispute in Singapore
Several trademark owners have now failed for the second time in their Singapore lawsuit against the freight forwarder Megastar. The logistics company Megastar was accused of infringing the trademarks of well-known manufacturers by importing counterfeits worth millions.
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