In December, the IP Summit in Brussels brings together a large number of European industry experts to present and discuss current trends and developments in the field of IP.

The IP Summit, which happens annually since 2004, will take place in Brussels on 7 and 8 December this year and will deal with a wide range of IP-related topics with a special focus on Europe. Among other things, the conference will provide you with the opportunity to talk with international experts about trends in the fight against piracy, to join panel discussions on innovative counterfeiting measures, and to learn more about the impact of new technologies on intellectual property protection.

Topics include for example the importance of Indutry 4.0 for property right owners, the infringement of trademark rights online, as well as the licensing and settlement of litigation over standard essential patents. The summit will also address various European patent systems, the European unitary patent, as well as digital patent platforms.

More than 400 participants are expected, including IP experts from a wide range of companies, specialised lawyers and judges, representatives from various government agencies, as well as professionals from various manufacturing and production sectors such as automotive, IT, healthcare, media and the luxury goods sector.

Last-minute participants can find more information about the programme on the event’s website as well as the opportunity to register for the conference.

Source: Premier Cercle


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