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For YOU this makes
for 100 % performance
instead of wasting effort.

You can’t do anything but push your projects to the limit. So do we. For us, such vital fit of attitudes is essential for successful cooperation.

Our performance has to fully meet your expectations – in particular when you are a quality freak.

Dr Tim Karg

Managing director

Dr. Tim Karg_Geschäftsfuehrer Karg- und Petersen

Communications expert and natural scientist who has earned merits in corporate communications at the interface between natural sciences, technology and marketing. He is a specialist in integrated marcom strategies, issue management, and various special communications disciplines.

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Reinventing communications with each new client – that’s what makes us unique.

Steffen Baumhauer - Senior Consultant bei Karg und Petersen
Steffen Baumhauer Senior Consultant at Karg und Petersen
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Since 1996, Karg und Petersen stands for best quality of work and high client satisfaction. This is acknowledged both by clients and external evaluators: even back in 2005, we were classified as ”Top Ten Agency“ in an independent study by the University of Munich.
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I can actively shape perspectives here – that’s what I’ve enjoyed every single day over the last 15 years in the agency.

Monika Gutmann - Prokuristin bei Karg und Petersen
Monika Gutmann Authorised Representative at Karg und Petersen
Unternehmensprofil Karg und Petersen


Straight focus on perfect service is part of our DNA. Just like the passion we put into the projects for our valued customers. And it’s also deep in our genes that we are unshakenly positive in everything we think and do.

We take life-long learning for granted. In concrete terms, this means continuous learning from our customers in Tübingen, Germany and worldwide and within the team. And learning from success as well as from failure. Therefore, first-class and careful training on-the-job as well as open exchange of experiences is of high priority for us. With a great fun and career factor included!

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Dr Tim Karg | Dr Jens Petersen

Gesellschafter_Karg und Petersen

Managing director Dr Tim Karg and journalist and communications scientist Dr Jens Petersen are the shareholders of the agency Karg und Petersen. For more than 20 years now, they have been passionately driving the success of their company, its clients and employees.

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We want to make you feel like you finally found your agency.

Ralf Lambertz - Brand Manager bei Karg und Petersen
Ralf Lambertz Brand Manager at Karg und Petersen
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