WE generate

For YOU this creates
a market pull instead of
a vendor push.

Make customers fall for you. We have what you need to create real fans – no matter if you want to address your customers directly or motivate sales staff and business partners.

Customer attractors have to achieve nothing but actual likes and buys.

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Direct marketing is more versatile than ever before. Almost unlimited new possibilities in e.g. personalised media design and target group selection require a lot of experience. Just ask us!

Mailing campaigns, response media, customer databases, telemarketing, …


The actual point of purchase is a competitive battle field. And yet, there is no such thing as the one and only point of purchase at all. Let‘s bet: We will find a multitude of further points-of-sale for your business you haven’t even been thinking of so far – including the respective communications measures to take there. With the aim of supplementing rather than substituting conventional communications activities. Our agency loves having a look through the eyes of your customers and presenting creative suggestions to you.

Marketing concepts and campaigns, displays, stand-up displays, dispensers, product flyers, …


Sales follows its own rules. And effective sales communications needs to sell. It has to make a difference in the market place and to meet the crucial point as well as the right timing for successful deals. And at the same time, your sales arguments have to be aligned with your advertising activities and public appearance. We address the needs of your sales staff and deliver sales material that supports their every-day work out in the field.

Sales media, workshops, newsletters, case studies and best practice reports, trade shows, …


Manufacturers and dealers share a common fate. This is the joint commitment which lays the ground for your communications in sales and distribution channels. Dealers have to be skillfully involved and motivated. And if your communications tools can conveniently be used by dealers in their own sales activities, you have managed to establish an actual win-win-situation. Strictly from the communications perspective of your dealers, we call that the „touch-and-go-principle“. Provide your important dealers with material to take and go out selling your products or services!

Sales trainings and workshops, newsletters for dealers, co-marketing, catalogue management, …

Anführungszeichen beere transparentKarg und Petersen perfectly equipped our sales teams with a varied, tailor-made communications mix. The new tools already earn great feedback!”

Jens Bleckmann
| head of marketing and product management, Hugo Brennenstuhl GmbH & Co. KG

Jens Bleckmann - Brennenstuhl