We enable trump card players

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We enable trump card players

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For you, this means customers that really desire your offers. And that turn into loyal fans. No matter if you are approaching them through direct sales or via sales channels.

Sales Promotion

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is more versatile than ever before. Almost unlimited new possibilities in e.g. personalized media design and target group selection require a lot of experience. Just ask us!

Mailing campaigns, response media, customer databases, telemarketing, …

Point-of-sale merchandising

The actual point of purchase is a competitive battle field. And yet, there is no such thing as the one and only point of purchase but rather a multitude of points-of-sale for your business. And there are the suitable communications measures to succeed there. Our agency loves having a look through the eyes of your customers and presenting hands-on, creative suggestions to you.

Marketing concepts and campaigns, displays, stand-up displays, dispensers, product flyers, …

Sales support

Sales follows its own rules. And effective sales communications needs to sell. It has to make a difference in the market place and to meet the crucial point as well as the right timing for successful deals. At the same time, your sales arguments have to be aligned with your advertising and public relations activities. We address the needs of your sales staff and deliver sales material that supports their every-day work out in the field.

Sales media, workshops, newsletters, case studies and best practice reports, trade shows, …

Trade partner relations

Manufacturers and dealers share a common fate. This is underlying commitment of your communications for the sales and distribution channels. Dealers have to be skillfully involved and motivated. And if they can directly use your communications tools for their own sales activities, you have managed to establish an actual win-win-situation. Taking the perspective of your dealers, we call that the “touch-and-go-principle“. Provide your important dealers with material that they can take and go out, selling your products or services!

Sales trainings and workshops, newsletters for dealers, co-marketing, catalogue management, …


 Karg und Petersen knows how to present complex products in an attractive and tangible way. With our new sales brand, we are perfectly well prepared to compete on the market. 

Maria-Pia Morrone corporate communications and marketing, Alb-Elektrizitätswerk Geislingen-Steige eG

 Authentically and credibly – that’s how Karg und Petersen presents our products. The new real-life reports make the benefits of our products tangible and boost our email marketing. 

Jens Bleckmann Head of marketing and product management, Hugo Brennenstuhl GmbH & Co. KG

 Karg und Petersen knows very well how to tell thrilling and authentic stories about a product in moving pictures. 

Chhaya Krüger Director Business Development, PrioVino GmbH