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For over 10 years, the Anti-Piracy Analyst has now been providing the latest news and background information, facts and figures on counterfeiting, IP infringements, and brand protection.

The online portal, email newsletter, and social media activities of the renowned information service show how effective content marketing works on the Web.

Highly relevant and in tune with developments. With the Anti-Piracy Analyst, we deliver tailor-made content for brand protection experts from companies, authorities, science, and the media.

Learn more in our project video:


The Anti-Piracy Analyst is a valuable information resource for me, and I am glad to recommend it.“

Wolfgang Saueressig

Robert Bosch GmbH

With a clear presence on the web, Anti-Piracy Analyst impressively covers the topic of brand protection and demonstrates our in-depth expertise. The website features clear user guidance, responsive design, and effective SEO; and the email newsletter also adapts to mobile devices.

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