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News from customs and authorities

Authorities pull off largest counterfeit product seizures in the USA

Law enforcement authorities in New York have scored a spectacular success against counterfeit fashion goods, seizing fake products worth over a billion US dollars. Two alleged counterfeiters have now been charged.

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Economy news

Board games in the focus of counterfeiters

Counterfeit board games are rampant, especially on the web. Copies, often of poor-quality, are sold online, sometimes even of unpublished games. Publishers suffering from such infringements often receive little support from e‑commerce platforms.

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Know-how and tips

PATINFO2024: Trademarks, patents, and designs

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Recent studies

Toys, clothing, cosmetics – counterfeits cost industries billions of euros

An alarming study by the EUIPO suggests that counterfeiting costs the clothing, cosmetics, and toy industries alone around approx. 16 billion euros a year. German manufacturers of clothing and toys are particularly affected.

Many young people in Europe find it OK to buy counterfeits

A new study by the EUIPO suggests that many people in Europe think it is okay to buy counterfeits in certain circumstances. This is even the case for around half of the younger respondents. Above all, the price plays a key role here.

Study: Small companies often strongly affected by counterfeiting

A new analysis by EUIPO and OECD shows that counterfeiting can have serious consequences for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, many SMEs do not enforce their IP rights – often for one important reason.

News from legislation and politics

UK launches new anti‑counterfeiting campaign

The United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) has launched a new campaign to deter the purchase of counterfeits. Using targeted communications, the aim is to raise awareness of the risks of counterfeits and reduce the demand for fake goods.

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News in brief

Detergents, bicycles, medicines – news in brief

Cologne customs seize tons of counterfeit detergent // Stuttgart police scrap counterfeit bicycles // Containers of fake photovoltaic modules in circulation // UK: Illegal medicines worth millions seized

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