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News from customs and authorities

German Customs: Massive increase in seizures in 2021

With 2021’s results, customs in Germany has again registered a dramatic increase in seized counterfeits. The annual customs statistics show a particularly large boom in some industries – and a shift in relevant transport routes.

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Economy news

Negative award Plagiarius shames brazen fakes

This year’s Plagiarius negative award again highlights bold imitations copying products of German manufacturers – including renowned automotive and mechanical engineering brands as well as fakes offered via well-known online retailers.

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Know-how and tips

PATINFO2022: Digitization and IP protection

Join the discussion at PATINFO2022 in Thuringia – learn more about internationalization and digitalization in the IP world and get insights into new laws and frameworks for protecting IP rights.

Recent studies

Germany is a top destination in the EU for dangerous fakes

Particularly when it comes to dangerous, risky counterfeits, the countries of the EU are among the major sales markets, says a study by EUIPO and OECD. Germany is one of the main targets in Europe – and is second only to the USA globally.

Counterfeiters increasingly produce within the EU

The new IP Crime Assessment by Europol and EUIPO shows that counterfeiting in the EU is booming, and more and more counterfeiters seem to manufacture fakes within the EU. Also, gangs are increasingly using online channels and are further professionalizing their activities.

Meta: Social media is a hot spot for counterfeiting trade

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp – apparently, counterfeiters are increasingly trading fakes via the Meta group’s social media platforms, claims a recent study. In particular, Chinese traders are active on the social networks and generate billions in sales there, it says.

News from legislation and politics

EU agrees on groundbreaking online law

With the Digital Services Act (DSA), the EU is now paving the way for comprehensive regulations, which could have a fundamental impact on online trade in counterfeits. The focus is particularly on large online platforms.

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News in brief

E-commerce, organized crime, customs successes – news in brief

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