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News from customs and authorities

Counterfeiting boss convicted of VAT tax fraud

After years of investigation, the mastermind of a well-known group that had been dealing in counterfeit clothes worth tens of millions has now been found guilty in the United Kingdom. This also means an important success in one of the UK’s biggest tax fraud cases.

New ways for

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Economy news

Amazon reports massive success in fight against counterfeiting

E-commerce giant Amazon invested around 1.2 billion dollars in brand protection measures in 2022 and saw notable successes. The company’s new brand protection report now provides interesting insights into actions and results.

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Know-how and tips

PATINFO2023 looks at IP protection of the future

Join the discussion at PATINFO2023 about optimization opportunities for IP protection in times of digitization and artificial intelligence. And gain insights into processes and approaches used in practice as well as current legal developments.

Recent studies

Study: Small companies often strongly affected by counterfeiting

A new analysis by EUIPO and OECD shows that counterfeiting can have serious consequences for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, many SMEs do not enforce their IP rights – often for one important reason.

Chemical and pharma industries go for innovative brand protection

Companies from these sectors are often strongly affected by counterfeiting – and give a high priority to innovative measures such as brand protection communications and track & trace. This is illustrated by a current analysis based on the Brand Protection Study conducted by Arvato Systems and Karg und Petersen.

Study analyzes online marketplaces in Europe

More than half of the major European online marketplaces have no dedicated measures against counterfeiting, according to a recent study. For brand protection, the diversified e‑commerce landscape also poses further challenges.

News from legislation and politics

Negative lists focus online – and still omit social media

The US government’s new Notorious Markets List keeps its focus on illegal online trade – but refrains from including some well-known social networks, which was often requested. Similarly, the corresponding list from the EU continues to omit them too.

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News in brief

Major seizures in Germany and Austria – news in brief

Raids against counterfeiters in Stuttgart // Online trade with counterfeit goods uncovered in Hesse // Customs seizes counterfeits on A8 motorway // Vienna: Tens of thousands of counterfeits intercepted // Customs active at ISH sanitary trade fair

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