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News from customs and authorities

Europol: Fake pesticides increasingly produced within the EU

Officials in over 30 countries have seized more than 1,000 tonnes of illegal pesticides in a major operation. The action also highlights that illegal crop protection products are increasingly being made within the EU – and that counterfeiting of brand‑name pesticides is on the rise.

New ways for

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Economy news

Billion-dollar IT counterfeiting ring exposed

Using a sophisticated network of dozens of bogus companies and online accounts, a suspected fraudster allegedly sold fake Cisco products for several years, often to public‑sector customers. US authorities have now released details of the indictment – and interesting insights into the alleged counterfeiting schemes.

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Know-how and tips

PATINFO2022: Digitization and IP protection

Join the discussion at PATINFO2022 in Thuringia – learn more about internationalization and digitalization in the IP world and get insights into new laws and frameworks for protecting IP rights.

Recent studies

Study: Young adults prone to buying fakes

More than one in three young adults in Europe deliberately buys counterfeits, says a recent EUIPO study. This indicates that the share of buyers of fakes has more than doubled recently. One reason is the Covid-19 pandemic – but apparently also a generally high level of acceptance.

Mechanical engineering suffers huge losses due to fakes

Counterfeiting causes damages worth billions in the mechanical engineering sector, a new study by the German industry association VDMA shows. About three in four German companies are affected – and one country newly moves into the top 3 countries of origin.

Study: New ways for tackling counterfeiting

Looking for powerful ways to protect their businesses and brands against counterfeiting, many companies are successfully turning to special marketing communications as well as track & trace technologies. This is a result of the comprehensive Brand Protection Study 2022, which has now been published by Arvato Systems and Karg und Petersen.

News from legislation and politics

China: Technology to protect e‑commerce

E‑commerce platforms in China are fully banking on technical IP protection measures, says a study by China’s IP office CNIPA. The analysis also warns against the sale of counterfeits via live shopping and gaps in brand protection in cross‑border trade.

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News in brief

EU, Digital, Food – News in brief

EU Parliament adopts DSA // Video game developers take creative steps against piracy // Wine counterfeiting ring dismantled in France // Counterfeit chocolate seized in the UK

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