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US negative list: Absence of major online platforms criticized

The US government’s new Notorious Markets List primarily focuses on the safety risks of counterfeit products and their consequences. However, the omission of some relevant, large online platforms is once again criticized.

EU Commission eyes ambitious customs reform

With its new customs reform, the EU Commission wants to better harmonize the activities of customs authorities and impose stricter regulations on online trade. The comprehensive reform plans could well have an impact on the fight against counterfeiting in the European Union.

Ukraine war said to change trafficking in Europe

Organized crime is apparently impacted by the Ukraine war – among other illegal activities, this also includes, for example, the trafficking of counterfeit products. Germany could be affected too.

Negative lists focus online – and still omit social media

The US government’s new Notorious Markets List keeps its focus on illegal online trade – but refrains from including some well-known social networks, which was often requested. Similarly, the corresponding list from the EU continues to omit them too.

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USA: New law for more transparency in online trade

The INFORM Consumers Act will require e‑commerce marketplaces in the USA to collect important data from high-volume third-party sellers. This is expected to help law enforcement agencies and customers identify fraudulent traders.

New initiative to fight illegal health products

A transatlantic initiative is targeting European transshipment hubs for counterfeit health products. In this effort, the US FDA is joining forces with European authorities and the OECD, in response to recent developments.

China: Technology to protect e‑commerce

E‑commerce platforms in China are fully banking on technical IP protection measures, says a study by China’s IP office CNIPA. The analysis also warns against the sale of counterfeits via live shopping and gaps in brand protection in cross‑border trade.

EU agrees on groundbreaking online law

With the Digital Services Act (DSA), the EU is now paving the way for comprehensive regulations, which could have a fundamental impact on online trade in counterfeits. The focus is particularly on large online platforms.

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