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Amazon offers insights into the work of its anti-counterfeiting unit

The e-commerce giant grants a look behind the scenes of its Counterfeit Crimes Unit: A new video and an article in the trade magazine WTR show the work of the brand protection experts – and illustrate how essential communications is in the fight against fakes.

TV report provides insights into the counterfeiting market

German public broadcaster ZDF’s business magazine WISO takes a closer look at the production, distribution, and combating of fake goods. Experts from business and authorities and an insider in the counterfeiting trade share interesting details.

Social media in focus in controversy over negative list

Next to e-commerce platforms, several social media services have been suggested for the US government’s upcoming Notorious Markets List. However, one popular social network does not consider itself responsible if illegal transactions are facilitated using its apps.

Billion-dollar IT counterfeiting ring exposed

Using a sophisticated network of dozens of bogus companies and online accounts, a suspected fraudster allegedly sold fake Cisco products for several years, often to public‑sector customers. US authorities have now released details of the indictment – and interesting insights into the alleged counterfeiting schemes.

Know what’s going on in the Pirate’s den

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Mercedes-Benz moves against online counterfeiting

Worldwide, trade in counterfeit Mercedes-Benz products continues to increase – putting sales via online shops and social media in the spotlight. In addition, the group reports seizures amounting up to almost 1.9 million counterfeit car parts globally in 2021.

Fake storage media sold online

Counterfeiters are deceiving unsuspecting buyers with fake flash drives, which are offered on numerous online marketplaces. Research by a trade magazine shows how the fraudsters operate – and criticizes platforms such as Amazon and eBay for doing too little to stop them.

Amazon invests hundreds of millions in brand protection

Amazon has scaled up its investments in brand protection in 2021 – and removed around 3 million counterfeit products from circulation. This and many further details have now been published in the internet giant’s new annual report.

Eintracht Frankfurt takes action against fakes

Counterfeiting is a relevant problem for professional sports clubs too. The German football club Eintracht Frankfurt is active against counterfeiting and unlicensed merchandise and now provides insights into its brand protection measures.

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