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Eintracht Frankfurt takes action against fakes

Counterfeiting is a relevant problem for professional sports clubs too. The German football club Eintracht Frankfurt is active against counterfeiting and unlicensed merchandise and now provides insights into its brand protection measures.

Negative award Plagiarius shames brazen fakes

This year’s Plagiarius negative award again highlights bold imitations copying products of German manufacturers – including renowned automotive and mechanical engineering brands as well as fakes offered via well-known online retailers.

Turkey: Massive increase in counterfeit exports

The sharp fall in the value of the Turkish lira is fueling a surge in counterfeits from Turkey. Fakes coming out of Turkey, such as designer clothing and medicines, are now often intercepted at EU borders.

Intel: Fake network cards apparently in circulation

German online stores might have sold counterfeits of Intel network cards, a local IT company claims. In a random sample, three out of four products were presumably fake – even though they had been ordered from reputable specialist retailers.

Know what’s going on in the Pirate’s den

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Google removes Wish from search results in France

Google no longer lists the online marketplace Wish in its search results in France. With this, the search engine giant is responding to a demand by the French government and accusations that dangerous and counterfeit products are offered via Wish.

Small brands break new ground against counterfeiting

Fakes are increasingly affecting smaller brands, including those in the textile industry. In their fight against imitations, independent fashion labels are making good use of creative solutions – above all with anti-piracy communications, next to technical measures.

Petition calls counterfeiting a crime against humanity

The anti-piracy organisation ACN Africa requests that counterfeiting resulting in death should be considered as a crime against humanity. To this effect, the Uganda-based organisation has now petitioned the International Criminal Court.

Amazon presents results of its Counterfeit Crimes Unit

One year after launching Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit, the e-commerce giant reports on its results against counterfeiting – and it calls for more effective action by authorities and business. However, business representatives continue to criticise the online retailer.

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