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Amazon takes action against counterfeiting

Just as in the previous year, Amazon has again invested more than one billion euros in brand protection activities in 2023. This is revealed in the e‑commerce giant’s new brand protection report, which also summarizes important steps and notable results.

Board games in the focus of counterfeiters

Counterfeit board games are rampant, especially on the web. Copies, often of poor-quality, are sold online, sometimes even of unpublished games. Publishers suffering from such infringements often receive little support from e‑commerce platforms.

Negative award Plagiarius again denounces brazen imitations

This year‘s Plagiarius once again names brazen imitations – 2024 for copies of products from brands in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Operators of well-known e‑commerce platforms were also in the focus of the negative prize.

Amazon and BMW achieve court success

In their first civil lawsuit of its kind in Spain, internet giant Amazon and the BMW Group have taken action against several dealers of counterfeit car parts and accessories. The counterfeit products had apparently been uncovered with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Alibaba Group aims to step up actions against counterfeiting

Internet giant Alibaba has pledged to continue to take effective action against infringements of intellectual property rights on its online marketplaces, following the recent restructuring of the group. A new focus is on so‑called hidden links, among other things.

Weight‑loss drugs: High demand triggers surge in counterfeits

Against the backdrop of a booming demand, a rapid increase in counterfeit weight loss drugs is observed. In Europe, counterfeits of Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic pen in particular are making headlines. Hundreds of counterfeit pens have also been found in Germany.

Shein and Temu – China’s new shopping giants face accusations

The online retailers Shein and Temu are currently aggressively pushing their way onto the market. However, they have come under massive criticism in both Europe and the USA – among other things due to alleged counterfeiting. Supposedly, they also use artificial intelligence (AI) to market cheap counterfeits.

Mercedes-Benz sees rise in counterfeits traded online

Together with authorities, the car manufacturer Mercedes‑Benz removed around 1.6 million counterfeit products from circulation last year. However, the company is encountering much more offers for counterfeit products on social media and online platforms than before.

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