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Amazon reports massive success in fight against counterfeiting

E-commerce giant Amazon invested around 1.2 billion dollars in brand protection measures in 2022 and saw notable successes. The company’s new brand protection report now provides interesting insights into actions and results.

Counterfeit cosmetics are booming on TikTok‑Shop

On the social media platform TikTok, influencers are increasingly advertising fake and potentially harmful cosmetics, which can be bought directly via the app. This violates the guidelines of the platform, which is, however, cashing in on counterfeiting sales.

ZDF report examines the trade in counterfeit on Instagram

The major German TV broadcaster ZDF investigates the activities of counterfeiters distributing fake brand-name clothing via Instagram. Influencers, business experts, and an insider provide insights into the billion dollar business.

Amazon introduces Anti‑Counterfeiting Exchange

To improve the exchange of information between e‑commerce providers, the online retailer Amazon launches their new Anti‑Counterfeiting Exchange. This move aims at improving the collective ability of participating online retailers and platforms to combat counterfeiting.

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Etsy criticized as sales platform for counterfeits

A new report accuses online marketplace Etsy of being one of the largest sales platforms for counterfeit products in the world. Subsequently, shares of the e-commerce company, which is above all known as a provider of craft goods, rapidly lost in value.

Schaeffler has 30,000 counterfeits destroyed

Schaeffler, the global automotive and industrial supplier, has now initiated destruction of around ten tonnes of counterfeit rolling bearings. Generally, Schaeffler is taking resolute action against counterfeiting – also making use of targeted communications.

Negative award Plagiarius again awarded to brazen counterfeiters

This year’s Plagiarius negative award once more highlights some brazen imitations – including, for example, copies of some enormously well-known German brands and several imitators coming from Germany.

TV report provides insights into the counterfeiting market

German public broadcaster ZDF’s business magazine WISO takes a closer look at the production, distribution, and combating of fake goods. Experts from business and authorities and an insider in the counterfeiting trade share interesting details.

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