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OLAF: Officials seize 15 million liters of alcoholic beverages

Led by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), authorities seize around 15 million liters of counterfeit alcoholic beverages. The notable success was part of this year’s OPSON operation by Europol, targeting counterfeit food products.

Europol: Fake pesticides increasingly produced within the EU

Officials in over 30 countries have seized more than 1,000 tonnes of illegal pesticides in a major operation. The action also highlights that illegal crop protection products are increasingly being made within the EU – and that counterfeiting of brand‑name pesticides is on the rise.

Customs seizes truckloads of counterfeits

In June, German customs reported several major successes against trafficking of fakes by road. As a result, the investigators seized counterfeits worth millions of euros.

Counterfeiting ring dismantled in Berlin

German investigators busted a counterfeiting gang that allegedly sold large quantities of fake clothing out of Berlin. The fakes presumably originated from Turkey and are estimated to have caused several hundreds of thousands of euros in damage.

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German Customs: Massive increase in seizures in 2021

With 2021’s results, customs in Germany has again registered a dramatic increase in seized counterfeits. The annual customs statistics show a particularly large boom in some industries – and a shift in relevant transport routes.

German officials score seizures worth millions

Police and customs in Germany have taken several impressive actions against counterfeiting. They achieved enforcements against trafficking via air and sea freight, fakes smuggled on land routes, and illicit trade in brick-and-mortar stores.

France, Switzerland see rapid increase in seized fakes

Die Zahl beschlagnahmter Fälschungen ist 2021 sowohl in Frankreich als auch in der Schweiz stark angestiegen. Französische Zollbeamte verbuchten einen Anstieg um mehr als 60 %; ihre Schweizer Kollegen konfiszierten rund 34 % mehr Plagiate als im Vorjahr.

Europol: millions of counterfeit toys seized

Coordinated by Europol, authorities from numerous countries seized counterfeit and illegal toys worth more than 18 million euros. Operation Ludus II also secured a large number of goods that posed a health risk.

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