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Wirksame Piraterieabwehr-mit-Karg-und-Petersen - zeigt graues Wellblech mit aufgespaytem Totenkopf


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Reinforce your


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More power for your fight against counterfeiting.
Brand protection with Anti-Piracy Communications:

We increase efficiency of conventional brand protection measures such as legal steps or raid actions.

We enable traders and customers to distinguish original and fake.

We reduce the demand for counterfeit products.

We involve stakeholders that actually stand by your side.

Our services

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Generate awareness

  • press material
  • online marketing
  • advertising
  • mailings
  • information for the PoS
  • marketing for trade partners
  • video clips
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Provide education

  • websites
  • newsletters
  • brochures, flyers
  • success stories from raids, …
  • intranet pages
  • customs checklists
  • policies
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Track down fakes

  • generating/collecting leads
  • surveys
  • studies, analyses
  • internal workshops
  • guidelines, info sheets
  • counterfeit-proof markers
    (with security technology by tesa scribos)
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Offer training

  • training sessions, conferences
  • e-learnings
  • webinars
  • in-house sessions
  • events for trade partners
  • support for trade fairs
  • event material (rollups, displays, …)
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Involve officials

  • handling of Applications for Action (national/EU)
  • end-to-end application management
  • leveraging indicators
  • training for enforcement authorities
  • guides, info sheets for officials

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Selected projects

See what brand protection can look like in real life. Our sample projects show selected, current jobs of our agency – always 100% hands-on, real, and effective. Discover for yourself how Anti-Piracy Communications can help you defend your company against counterfeiting!

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No matter if in global, regional, or local projects – Karg und Petersen is active to generate security. For international enterprises as well as small and medium businesses. In the area of economic crime alone, we for example work for:

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Firmenlogo HP
Firmenlogo Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Firmenlogo IFSP
Firmenlogo Roto
Firmenlogo Schmalz
Firmenlogo Tesa-scribos

Unique competences We have developed a truly one-of-a-kind brand protection focus. Our experts can help you to effectively protect your business against counterfeiting. With services that go far beyond the usual.
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Around 20 years of experience in communications on security topics – that is the solid basis of our work. Our quality management was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2005. So, you know that you can rely on us.
Umfassende Erfahrung - zeigt Blick auf Hand mit Brille vor Bildschirmhintergrund Extensive experiences © realstock1 / Fotolia.
No matter if China, USA, or Germany – we provide you with the right communications. And this holds true for all topics of corporate security. Next to counterfeiting, we for example also cover grey marketing (aka parallel imports), information security, discount fraud, and track & trace. Active worldwide – and on all questions
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Everything you need from a single supplier, thanks to our selected cooperation partners. For example, the security technologies from tesa scribos enable you to effectively mark original products – and with the right communications, your users know how to identify an original.
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Take new paths in fighting fakes “We can sensitize your customers and inform them about the risks of counterfeits. Or, for example, multiply the impact of a successful raid by informing retailers about the action. A lot can be achieved with just a little effort.”
Geschäftsführer Dr. Tim Karg Dr. Tim Karg, Managing Director, Karg und Petersen © Karg und Petersen
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