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Hightech for
fighting counterfeiting

Brand Protection // Sales Support // Social Media Marketing // PR


As part of the Bertelsmann Group, Arvato Systems offers innovative and sophisticated technology solutions, e.g. for fighting counterfeiting and grey marketing.

We equip sales with attractive tools such as case studies and industry-specific guides. They tangibly feature the benefits of a tailor-made track-&-trace technology – and explain in a nutshell how taking action against counterfeiting can pay off.

Learn more in our project video (German only):

Arvato Branchensheet

Karg und Petersen excels by offering unique expertise and by always providing dedicated and reliable work. I definitely recommend them when it comes to promoting technological topics and services. Or for any communications dealing with counterfeiting, gray marketing, and brand protection.“

Sandra Wiesing

Marketing Consultant // Arvato Systems


Working for Arvato Systems, we can perfectly combine our profound experience in high-tech topics with our particular expertise related to counterfeiting, grey marketing, and brand protection – creating genuinely relevant and striking communications.“

Steffen Baumhauer

Managing Director // Karg und Petersen

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