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For you, this means sustained outreach. Because successful messages are not only perceived – they resonate with their target groups. This holds true no matter if offline or online.



Press releases, distribution lists and contact to journalists, background reports and information, photography, media analysis, press relations, press events, …

Timing, topicality, and relevance are key for successful classic PR. We know how to win journalists – from the daily press to trade publications. Our agency provides print media with tailored news. If desired, we can also add performance measuring and clipping services.

Online PR

Web presence, online media, newsletters, internet newsrooms, white papers, social media and blogs, podcasts, videos, …

PR activities on the web need experienced strategies, as rash actions can quickly turn into a boomerang. We set the stage for your compelling web presence and advise you on how to use online media efficiently for truly powerful and sustainable public relations.

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Employee magazines, customer magazines, image brochures, company reports, sustainability reports, …

Image media and corporate publishing follow their own rules. Always aiming at sustainably building trust, credibility, and reputation. Internally as well as externally. No matter which stakeholders you want to address – we create the media you need.

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Strategies for issue management, drawer statements, Q&As, crisis communications, litigation PR, scenario and escalation planning, …

Planning and acting with foresight are at the very heart of issue management. And to handle an actual crisis, respective communications tools have to be readily available. Our expertise in a variety of topics and industries makes us a firm and reliable guide in both calm and stormy times.

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