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Energy at work

Image campaign // Event “Erlebnistage”


As local energy provider, Albwerk plays a vital role in its region and for the people who live there.

Our image campaign skillfully illustrates the local commitment of the company and highlights the significance of its core business.

Learn more in our project video (German only):

The close connection between local identification and the energy business is perfectly spelled out by the ambiguous slogan of the campaign: “Da steckt Her[t]z drin” (combining “Herz” meaning heart with the unit of measurement hertz).

After the end of the campaign, the slogan is leveraged as a permanent companion when communicating image and corporate topics.


Karg and Petersen successfully pinpoints exactly who we are. And they communicated our corporate identity consistently and attractively.“

Maria-Pia Morrone

Marketing and Corporate Communications // Albwerk

Highlight of the campaign is a big event lasting for two days – the „Erlebnistage“. Visitors get the opportunity to sneak a peak behind the scenes of Albwerk while enjoying a varied programme of music, interactive presentations, and info stands.

Flyer Albwerk Erlebnistage

We create and send out a mailing consisting of an image flyer and a short programme overview to all households in the region to draw attention and invite all locals to the event.

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