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PATINFO2024: Trademarks, patents, and designs

Join the discussion at PATINFO2024 - and learn more about why IP rights such as trademarks, patents, and registered designs are essential in the fight against counterfeiting. An early bird discount is currently still available for those interested.

The year in review – your highlights of 2023

Recap some major news of the past year: Our highlights of 2023 gather alarming customs results, brazen counterfeits, successes online, new reform projects, as well as interesting background reports and studies.

Edible microchip in Parmesan cheese to verify authenticity

A tiny chip in Parmesan wheels is intended to allow the northern Italian cheese to be tracked even across extended supply chains and to distinguish originals from fakes. The chip is even said to be edible without any concerns, the manufacturer says.

PATINFO2023 looks at IP protection of the future

Join the discussion at PATINFO2023 about optimization opportunities for IP protection in times of digitization and artificial intelligence. And gain insights into processes and approaches used in practice as well as current legal developments.

Know what’s going on in the Pirate’s den

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The year in review – your highlights of 2022

Recap major news of 2022: Our highlights of the last twelve months for example gather alarming customs results, spectacular seizures, as well as interesting background reports and studies.

New platform informs about counterfeiting hotspots worldwide

Get details on relevant online and offline marketplaces notorious for trading in suspected counterfeits. Two recent guides from the trade magazine WTR now gather respective expertise from over 40 countries.

PATINFO2022: Digitization and IP protection

Join the discussion at PATINFO2022 in Thuringia – learn more about internationalization and digitalization in the IP world and get insights into new laws and frameworks for protecting IP rights.

EU: SMEs receive millions in funding for IP protection

The European Union is now offering small and medium-sized enterprises new funding worth millions to help them protect their intellectual property. For the first time, costs for patents can also be eligible for funding.

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