PATINFO2022: Digitization and IP protection

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Join the discussion at PATINFO2022 in Thuringia – learn more about internationalization and digitalization in the IP world and get insights into new laws and frameworks for protecting IP rights.

From 22 to 24 June, the PATINFO2022 will be held at the Congress Centrum Suhl. The conference for IP experts and industry representatives, organized by Ilmenau University of Technology and the State Patent Center of Thuringia (PATON), combines a conference, interactive workshops, and an exhibition. This year’s event focuses on the protection of intellectual property in the context of increasing digitization and internationalization of the IP world.

Kicking off the event, representatives of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), the European Patent Office (EPO), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will provide overviews of current developments in IP protection driven by digitalization. Subsequently, specialist presentations by experts and patent attorneys from industry and business will offer a wide range of insights into new opportunities offered by digital solutions and current problems surrounding IP rights.

For example, Cornelia Rudloff-Schäffer, President of the DPMA, will look at the impact of digitization for the German Patent and Trademark Office, while Carsten Fink from WIPO will talk about innovations in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, Johannes Karcher from the Federal Ministry of Justice will e.g. inform about the current status of the Unified Patent Court. Other speakers will address topics such as trademark searches or; questions around how trademark rights can be enforced and what support and funding small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) can use.

The PATINO2022 offering will be completed by interactive workshops, which will cover various topics in greater depth and which allow participants to discuss current issues and questions. In addition, around 30 exhibitors will present new trends in the field of intellectual property rights in an accompanying exhibition.

For more information, a detailed event program, and the possibility to register, please visit the PATINFO2022 event page.

Sources: TU Ilmenau, PATON

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