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Detergents, bicycles, medicines – news in brief

Cologne customs seize tons of counterfeit detergent // Stuttgart police scrap counterfeit bicycles // Containers of fake photovoltaic modules in circulation // UK: Illegal medicines worth millions seized

Food, fans, aircraft parts – news in brief

Millions worth of counterfeit food seized // Fan manufacturer exposes counterfeiting factory // Dawn raid on aircraft parts dealer

European authorities report spectacular actions – news in brief

France: Customs seize hundreds of thousands of counterfeit food products // Spain: Raids turn up counterfeits worth millions of euros // UK: Police seize five tonnes of counterfeit products // Italy: half a million fake batteries confiscated

Major seizures in Germany and Austria – news in brief

Raids against counterfeiters in Stuttgart // Online trade with counterfeit goods uncovered in Hesse // Customs seizes counterfeits on A8 motorway // Vienna: Tens of thousands of counterfeits intercepted // Customs active at ISH sanitary trade fair

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Customs seizures, Europol, online trade – news in brief

Fakes disguised as alleged Ukraine aid delivery // Europol operation thwarts illegal online trade // Customs investigators dismantle trade in fake car parts // Dresden customs stops counterfeit goods worth millions // Amazon helps strike against counterfeiters in China

Toys, customs successes, lockdowns in China – news in brief

OLAF: Around 8,000 counterfeit toys seized // Customs seize tens of thousands of counterfeit e-cigarettes // Counterfeit Bluetooth headphones intercepted // Japan: Customs seizures drop following lockdown in China

EU, Digital, Food – News in brief

EU Parliament adopts DSA // Video game developers take creative steps against piracy // Wine counterfeiting ring dismantled in France // Counterfeit chocolate seized in the UK

Electronics, cosmetics, clothing, tobacco – news in brief

Officials in Bavaria seize hundreds of fake Airpods // Pensioner makes tens of thousands of euros with fake cosmetics // Counterfeiting ring for fake sports goods and clothing busted // Brisk activity blows the cover of counterfeiting store // Tens of tons of counterfeit cigarettes confiscated

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