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Global player Hewlett Packard Enterprise is facing the threat of counterfeiting. Karg und Petersen helps building a powerful global brand protection program.

We establish an effective communications program to raise awareness of counterfeiting among various audiences globally: From the company’s own employees to trading partners and end customers. This is how we fight fakes – and protect the sales of genuine products.

Learn more in our project video (German only):


Karg und Petersen expertly supported us to launch a global communications program to support Brand Security. They quickly created various impressive resources, tailor-made for internal and external audiences, and contributed a deep understanding of brand security topics. We definitely recommend Karg und Petersen.”


Kollen Brower

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Periodical media such as newsletters provide continuous information and establish the topic in the awareness of the readers. And they directly pick up the latest high-profile news, such as raids and seizures.

With detailed and informative reports for the management, we ensure internal awareness and thus support for the communications program at senior  level.

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