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Perfectly positioned

Brand relaunch // Employer branding


As one of the biggest energy cooperatives in Germany, Albwerk wants to re-position and differentiate itself on the market authentically.

Therefore, we refresh the overall company appearance from positioning to logo.

Evolution rather than revolution. That is our guiding theme for the relaunch.

With a history of over 100 years as locally rooted company, Albwerk needs both: perceivably staying true to the own legacy as well as a modern brand design to win new customers.
(Video clip in german only.)

Albwerk - Logoentwicklung
CD-Manual Albwerk
Albwerk - Logoentwicklung

Our informative education brochure sheds a perfect light on Albwerk as employer and provides great support in the competition for talents and specialists. Eye-catching car wraps ensure additional public awareness.

Albwerk Fahrzeugbeklebung
Ausbildungsbroschüre des Albwerks
Albwerk - Employer-Branding Fahrzeugbeklebung

Karg und Petersen perfectly summed up the significance of Albwerk as an important employer in the region.“

Maria-Pia Morrone

Marketing and corporate communications // Albwerk

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