We inspire pioneers

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We inspire pioneers

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For you, this opens undreamt-of perspectives. What we call special communications is ultimately tailor-made and offers completely new solutions in completely new subject areas. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Special Communications

Anti-Piracy Communications

Counterfeiting and misuse of brands are serious threats to almost every industry worldwide. We help protecting your company from illicit competition – by supporting existing brand protection strategies or by launching efficient stand-alone measures.

Anti-Piracy Communications (APC) unites all our special communications services in a portfolio that is designed to help increase efficiency of traditional anti-counterfeiting measures, reduce the demand for counterfeit products, and activate stakeholders that stand by your side.

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Anti-counterfeiting campaigns, press information, mailings, awareness tools for online and point-of-sale use, info sheets and guides, web pages, newsletters, success stories, reporting system to generate leads, events, webinars, e-learning, customs applications, info sheets for customs, …

Information security trough communications

We support customers in preventing the loss of their knowledge edge. And in protecting their companies from economic and industrial espionage.

Our special communications starts where technical measures fail. This e.g. includes sensitizing and involving employees and business partners, creating lasting awareness for information security, and deterring potential perpetrators. With this, we can create a trustful, self-confident, and powerful security culture.

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Material for generating awareness and educating on information security, policies, intranet pages, workshops, webinars, risk analysis and identifying crucial business information, employee surveys, security awareness, internal campaigning and activities, knowledge management, crisis manuals, internal whistle blowing systems, …

Sustainability communications

Our communications essentially contributes to making sustainability efforts of companies pay off. No matter if you engage in environmental or climate protection, compliance, or corporate responsibility/corporate social responsibility (CR/CSR) – we show what’s really behind these activities.

And we inject new momentum into marketing, PR, and sales with eco labels such as Blue Angel, EPEAT, or e.g. the EU Ecolabel. Thanks to this, our customers can for example build a sustainable corporate image and drive sales of sustainable products.

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Image creation, sustainability and environmental reports, product campaigns, certification and label marketing, lobbying, …

Corporate services

Communications activities almost always go hand in hand with other topics and projects. From market and data research to systematic knowledge and statistics management, from initiatives in research and development to certification, from internal trainings to lobbying, or from project management support to external audit activities.

If you’re looking for an agency which handles such related tasks just as well as actual communications jobs, we can offer you our very individual corporate services. Simply contact us to discuss your project.

Content management solutions, image databases and data storage, newsletter hosting and performance measurement, study design and evaluation, certification management and marketing, project management and audits, trainings, support in production and distribution logistics, government affairs and lobbying, …


 Having the right kind of communications and professionally created tools in place is absolutely key if you want to succeed in fighting counterfeiting.We were surprised, how much expertise Karg und Petersen contributed. This enables communications that really benefits. 

Andrew Barber, Managing Director, IFSP

 Karg und Petersen uses professional measures from advertising and PR for information security – a crucial factor for all companies that want to protect their expertise. 

Hermann Huber IT security and data protection officer, J. Schmalz GmbH; awarded with the security award Baden-Württemberg

 Karg und Petersen works efficiently, reliably, and with a unique expertise. Thanks to that, we managed to make e.g. the Blue Angel a powerful sales argument for our products. 

Thomas Bazlen Environmental Program Manager, HP Inc.