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You believe in the power of communications. When you apply this power where nobody ever thought of communications solutions, we call that special communications. Indeed, we are looking forward to your projects which go beyond the ordinary.

Because there’s nothing worse for pioneers than just the old heading.

Angebotssprektrum Spezialkommunikation bei Karg und Petersen


In several themes and topics we have been building up very special experience and competence over the years. For these fields we have developed unique communications solutions which you won’t find anywhere else. We call that special communications.


Counterfeiting and product and brand piracy are a serious threat to almost every industry. Powerful strategies against brand abuse, fake products and plagiarism are therefore becoming increasingly important factors in economic competition. We help protecting your company from counterfeiting – by supporting existing anti-piracy strategies or by launching efficient stand-alone measures.

Anti-Piracy Communications (APC) unites all of our special communications services to a portfolio that supports our national and international customers in anti-counterfeiting. Anti-Piracy Communications helps increasing efficiency of traditional anti-counterfeiting measures, reducing the demand for counterfeit products, and activating stakeholders that actually stand by your side. If you want to know more, please contact us to arrange a free first consultation.

Thanks to our newsletter Anti-Piracy Analyst, you can also easily stay up-to-date on counterfeiting. The renowned information service provides latest news, background information, facts and figures about counterfeiting, product and brand piracy, and information security. To receive regular updates, you can subscribe for free in a few easy steps.

Anführungszeichen blau transparentAndrew Barber - IFSPHaving the right kind of communications and professionally created tools in place is absolutely key if you want to succeed in fighting counterfeiting.”

Andrew Barber | Managing Director, IFSP

Anti-counterfeiting campaigns, press information, mailings, awareness tools for online and point-of-sale use, info sheets and guides, web pages, newsletters, success stories, reporting system to generate leads, events, webinars, e-learning, customs applications, info sheets for customs, …


Know-how is a critical success factor on the market. We actively support customers in preventing the loss of their know-how edge. And in protecting their companies from economic and industrial spying. Our special communications starts where technical measures fail: sensitising and involving employees and business partners, creating lasting awareness for information security and warning off potential perpetrators. At the same time, we create a trustful, self-confident and powerful security culture.

Leaks of information can almost always be traced back to persons from the direct environment of a company – no matter if offences were committed deliberately or unintended.Contact us for a free first consultation to jointly identify possible actions for your company.

Anführungszeichen blau transparentHerman Huber - J. Schmalz GmbHKarg und Petersen uses professional measures from advertising and PR for information security – a crucial factor for all companies that want to protect their expertise.“

Herman Huber | IT security and data protection officer, J. Schmalz GmbH

Material for generating awareness and educating on information security, policies, Intranet pages, workshops, webinars, risk analysis and identifying crucial business information, employee surveys, security awareness, internal campaigning and activities, knowledge management, crisis manuals, internal whistle blowing systems, …

Playbook Know-how Protection (German only)
Professional article on information security “Mitarbeiter zu Mitstreitern(German only)
White Paper „Neue Trends im Know-how-Schutz“ (German only)


More and more companies are committing themselves to sustainability. Our communications essentially contributes to making their efforts pay off. No matter if they engage in environmental or climate protection, compliance or corporate responsibility/corporate social responsibility (CR/CSR) – we show what’s really behind these activities. And inject new momentum into marketing, PR, and sales with eco labels such as Blue Angel, EPEAT, or the EU Ecolabel.

In our teams, experts from both the field and from communications closely work together. For advertising, public relations und sales support that create an actual benefit to your company. The goals of our customers range from building up a sustainable corporate image to the support in selling sustainable products. From procuring the use of sustainability certificates to sustainable lobbying. Contact us now for a free first consultation.

Anführungszeichen blau transparentThomas Bazlen - HPKarg und Petersen works efficiently, reliably, and with a unique expertise. Thanks to that, we managed to make the Blue Engel a powerful sales argument.“

Thomas Bazlen | Environmental Program Manager, HP

Image creation, sustainability reports/environmental reports, product campaigns, certification and label marketing, lobbying, …


Communications activities almost always come along with other themes, topics and projects. From market and data research to systematic knowledge and statistics management, from initiatives in research and development to certification, or from internal trainings to external lobbying. If you’re looking for an agency which handles such adjoining tasks just as well as classical communications jobs, we offer you our very individual corporate services. Contact us now to discuss your project.

Anführungszeichen blau transparentRoto - FirmenlogoKarg und Petersen shows that the right way of communicating is crucial even for customs applications.“

Peter Kienle | Head of Intel­lec­tual Pro­perty and Law Depart­ment, Roto Frank AG

Content management solutions, image databases and data storage, newsletter hosting and performance measurement, study design and evaluation, certification management and marketing, project management and audits, trainings, support in production and distribution logistics, government affairs and lobbying, …