Amazon introduces Anti‑Counterfeiting Exchange

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To improve the exchange of information between e‑commerce providers, the online retailer Amazon launches their new Anti‑Counterfeiting Exchange. This move aims at improving the collective ability of participating online retailers and platforms to combat counterfeiting.

Amazon’s new Anti‑Counterfeiting Exchange (ACX) is designed to allow participating online shops, e‑commerce platforms, and marketplaces to share information about confirmed counterfeiters. The industry collaboration is primarily aimed at making it more difficult for counterfeiters to switch between different platforms when selling their fake goods. With ACX, Amazon claims to have already tracked down hundreds of accounts with which a counterfeiter had tried to create sales accounts on Amazon and at least one other e‑commerce operator.

In line with industry standards and best practices, an independent third party thus provides anonymous access for participating companies for exchanging and receiving information. This exchange is supposed to help them identify and stop confirmed counterfeiters on their own platforms more quickly. According to Amazon, each participant makes their own, independent decisions about whether and how to use information from ACX.

The US National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) has also been involved in these measures. According to them, ACX is a first step in the fight against counterfeiters and criminal organisations and will need further participation from all industries to reach its full potential. Daniel Castro, Director of the Center for Data Innovation, highlights the importance of such a voluntary cooperation. “Active cooperation among private sector firms is key to combating illicit counterfeiting networks,” Castro says.

Amazon has been working with other ACX members to pilot the information exchange. Now, the US-based company is inviting other retailers and marketplaces to work with the ACX founding members in the new forum.

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