Chemical and pharma industries go for innovative brand protection

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Companies from these sectors are often strongly affected by counterfeiting – and give a high priority to innovative measures such as brand protection communications and track & trace. This is illustrated by a current analysis based on the Brand Protection Study conducted by Arvato Systems and Karg und Petersen.

Innovative anti-counterfeiting activities such as track & trace and special brand protection communications have a high priority in the industries for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and chemicals. This is indicated by a current, industry-specific assessment based on the large-scale Brand Protection Study 2022 – Innovative Strategies for Tackling Counterfeiting, which was jointly published by Arvato Systems and Karg und Petersen.

Nearly one in five companies (about 18%) that participated in the Brand Protection Study 2022 are from the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or chemicals business.1 Looking at the results specifically for these industries, we can see that companies in these sectors are evidently more affected by counterfeiting than the average for all the industries surveyed.

// The pharmaceuticals and medical devices sectors, as well as the chemical industry, appear to be particularly impacted by IP misuse and counterfeiting. Companies can efficiently respond with innovative brand protection measures.
Steffen Baumhauer, head of anti-piracy communications, Karg und Petersen Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH

As part of their brand protection activities, many pharmaceutical and chemical companies rate their innovative measures especially high. Next to technical solutions (track & trace), special brand protection communications to raise awareness of counterfeiting has a huge potential. Remarkably, all companies surveyed from the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and chemicals sector say that keeping customers and distributors informed is essential.

The cross-industry Brand Protection Study 2022 was supported by various business associations and anti‑counterfeiting organizations from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In addition to the industry-specific assessment for the pharmaceutical, medical technology and chemical sector (see below), the full results report of the Brand Protection Study is available for download, featuring numerous further insights.

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1 Since it was not mandatory to answer every question, some questions were not answered by all study participants; this includes, for example, details on the industry of the participating companies.

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