eBay launches authentication service against counterfeits

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With a new service for authenticity testing, eBay seeks to combat the sale of counterfeit brand-name goods on its platform. The fee-based service is to be available to sellers as well as buyers.

Initially, high-end products such as clothing and accessories from luxury brands will stand in the centre of the new service named eBay Authenticate. Buyers that doubt the authenticity of their purchase can request an independent review from eBay.

Sellers, on the other hand, can actively confirm the authenticity of their products before passing them on to customers. In eBay’s estimation, this will help sellers gain a significant competitive advantage and in turn increase their sales.

The fees for the Authenticate service are not yet determined, but eBay has stated that the requesting party will have to bear the costs. Purchasers who have unwittingly bought counterfeit goods, however, suposedly receive a refund for twice the sum of the purchase price. It is as of yet unclear to what extent the responsible sellers are made liable by this rule.

At present, eBay Authenticate is still being tested. It is to be released step by step in the course of the year.

Sources: eBay, t3n

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