EU plans worldwide watch list on counterfeiting

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Sometime this year, the EU Commission intends to publish a list of marketplaces notorious for IP infringements. Companies and business representatives are now invited to share their experiences.

The planned watch list is part of the EU’s strategy to enforce IP rights in third countries. It aims at identifying notorious markets for counterfeit products outside of the European Union – mainly targeting online platforms, but also physical marketplaces where IP rights of European manufacturers are infringed. With this, the EU wants to reduce the number of counterfeits available and to raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeiting and piracy.

Following the publication of the list, the European Commission plans to support affected local authorities in third countries in prosecuting IP infringements. At the same time, the EU will call on them to step up their efforts in the fight against counterfeiting. Monitoring the situation on the marketplaces, the Commission also aims to ensure that suspicious cases are investigated in a targeted manner and that appropriate enforcement measures are taken.

Next to that, the EU Commission wants to support the owners of notorious marketplaces to curb IP and trademark infringements and to check effectiveness of the measures they are taking. The watch list is also intended to help consumers identify the risks associated with buying counterfeit goods and using problematic marketplaces.

Companies and stakeholders who want to contribute their experiences and report suspicious marketplaces can do so until 16 April 2018. Information can be submitted via an online form or reported by email.

Source: EUIPO

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