This October, join the first Brand Protection Online conference in Europe organized by the expert magazine WTR in London and get insights on protecting your trademarks in the web. If interested, you can now benefit from a discount code.

On October 14, the legal magazine World Trademark Review (WTR) invites you to join a new Brand Protection Online Europe event in London. International trademark experts will bring you up to speed on new developments in IP rights enforcement on the Internet – among other things, the conference will focus on IP infringements on e-commerce platforms and in social media.

For example, learn how to set priorities effectively when protecting your brand from infringers on online marketplaces: Various expert lectures will discuss the current landscape of the e-commerce sector and examine suitable starting points for fighting trademark violations. The advantages and disadvantages of various enforcement options will be assessed, too.

A further focus of the events is on IP protection strategies in social networks, highlighting current enforcement issues arising with the growing illicit trade via social media platforms and corresponding apps. Among other things, you will receive tips on the dos and don’ts for maintaining your brand reputation.

In addition, the conference will examine strategies for identifying future risks and opportunities in the fight against counterfeiting and offer possibilities for sharing practical experience in resource management, for instance. The effects of current data protection regulations on IP enforcement efforts will also be discussed.

For more information about the event or to register, visit the WTR event page. If you register by September 6, you can use the code ONLINE100 to get a £100 discount on the price for the event.

Source: World Trademark Review