In mid-November, the German Brands Association will hold its Markenforum 2016 expert conference. Use this opportunity to discuss various brand-related topics and developments with brand law experts.

From November 16 to 18, this year’s Markenforum brand conference will take place at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich. Visitors can come into contact with experts from the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and the German Federal Patent Court, as well as representatives of commercial groups, scientists, attorneys, and judges. Compelling expert presentations will inform visitors about current developments in brand law.

One speaker, Detleff Schennen from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), will present on “Current Decisions from the EUIPO and the ECJ”. Dr. Jutta Figge from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection will speak about “Implementation of Brand Reform in National Law,” and attorney Prof. Dr. Michael Loschelder will explain “The Legal Significance of Geographic Indications Worldwide.”

A reception evening and a discussion forum on public opinion surveys offer additional opportunities for exchange. Detailed information regarding the event and the registration form can be found on the website of the German brands association Markenverband e. V.

Source: Markenverband e. V.