eBay launches new service to check for counterfeits

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In order to curtail the trade in fake name brand items on its sales platform, eBay is now launching a testing service called 'Authenticate'. Both dealers and customers are expected to benefit from the new protective measure.

Through independent product experts acting as intermediaries, eBay retailers can now voluntarily verify the authenticity of luxury handbags and have them certified with an authenticity seal. eBay expects the service to reduce counterfeit goods on its sales platform and to have a positive effect on its retailers’ sales figures.

“We know that many shoppers may be hesitant to purchase high-end products online,” said Laura Chambers, Vice President of Consumer Selling at eBay, “This service is designed to help quell some of those concerns and – in turn – enhance the opportunity for our sellers to get top dollar for their items.”

In addition to the authenticity label, checked original products will be equipped with a money-back guarantee in order to increase customer confidence. This stipulates that buyers will be reimbursed for double the purchase price, if a tested original product turns out to be counterfeit after all.

At the moment, ‘Authenticate’ is only available to dealers in the USA for the examination of luxury handbags produced under twelve different brand names; over the next year the authenticity test is supposed to be extended to additional brands and product categories though. For participating retailers, 20% of the final selling price of their tested product will be charged. If, however, the authenticity of a product cannot be verified, it will be returned to the dealer at no additional cost.

The authenticity testing service was already announced by eBay in January (we reported). With this new measure, eBay is following the examples of Amazon and Alibaba; both trading platforms, like eBay, have already faced criticism for the sale of counterfeit goods, and then strengthened their anti-counterfeiting measures (we reported in each case).

Sources: Securing Industry, Venture Beat

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