Now on demand: Webinar on anti-counterfeiting in the sales channel

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Learn more about brand protection strategies for your distribution channel in the German-language webinar with experts from Karg und Petersen and Arvato Systems. Out now, the on-demand session shows how companies can protect their sales channel from counterfeiting with Track & Trace and dedicated communications.

In the on-demand webinar by Karg and Petersen and Arvato Systems, anti-counterfeiting experts explain in focused keynotes how companies can prevent the sales channel from becoming the crucial gateway for counterfeits on their way to the customer. The German-language webinar is now available online at any time.

Access the on-demand webinar now

In just 45 minutes, the webinar informs on three essential aspects of protecting the trade channel against fakes: Learn how innovative brand protection in the sales channel works; and how you can build effective track-and-trace processes. And see how you can use special measures from marketing and PR for acting against illegal competitors – and thus, for example, involving your distributors and sales partners into a powerful brand protection.

„Anti-counterfeiting measures are successful if your sales partners – and ideally your customers – are on board. Turn your partners into allies against counterfeiting, using dedicated marketing communications.“
// Steffen Baumhauer, Karg und Petersen Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH

„Dank Track-and-Trace können Sie jetzt genau wissen, wo Ihre Originale sind – und bei welchen Produkten es sich in Wirklichkeit um Plagiate handelt.“
// Carl-Rainer Stetter, Arvato Systems GmbH

The on-demand webinar is a recording of the live events from November 2020. It is aimed primarily at brand protection experts in businesses, as well as company representatives from legal, marketing, sales, production, and logistics departments. Watch the webinar now and benefit from the discussions of the live session in November too!

Sources: Karg und Petersen, Arvato Systems

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