Taking new brand protection actions now, companies can effectively defend their IP during the lockdown – and are prepared for an increase in counterfeiting after the end of the coronavirus crisis. Get more information free of charge!

Covid-19 generates a need for action

The coronavirus pandemic poses new challenges in brand protection for companies. On the one hand, many anti-counterfeiting measures are now severely limited – for example, because it is often no longer possible to carry out investigations on site due to the lockdown. Or because customs and police authorities might have different priorities and can no longer act as usual to support brand protection.

On the other hand, for many companies it is now very important to strengthen their protection against counterfeiting. New steps can be decisive for them to thwart illegal competitors during the forced lockdown. And to be prepared for a possible surge in counterfeit products after the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Brand protection communications can make the difference

“Special communications on brand protection is now unfolding its particular benefits – and can become a decisive element for companies in their fight against fakes,” explains Steffen Baumhauer, brand protection expert at Karg und Petersen. It’s easy and efficient to get started: “For example, we can inform customers and dealers on how they can spot potential counterfeits – and thus make them your eyes and ears where you currently have none due to the lockdown.”

„Special communications on brand protection
is now unfolding its particular benefits“
Steffen Baumhauer, Karg und Petersen Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH

At the same time, companies can efficiently raise awareness for the risks of counterfeit goods and show that they are actively fighting fakes. “With this, you can reduce the demand for counterfeits, deter fraudsters – and already gear up for the time after the Corona pandemic,” says Baumhauer.

We are there for you – contact us now

Our experts are there for you, also during the Corona crisis. Benefit from our offer for a free initial consultation, which can be conducted remotely via online meeting, video conference, or phone call.

In a joint discussion, we can develop solutions that match the needs of your company – based on around 20 years of national and international expertise in special marcoms activities on counterfeiting and brand protection. This way, you achieve both – brand protection that works quickly and efficiently. And that is effective in the long term too, so that you can still benefit from it after the end of the Corona crisis.

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Source: Karg und Petersen