White paper on fighting counterfeits in the medical industry

© Dan Race / Fotolia.
Protecting your company from product and brand piracy – a white paper explains how this works.

Companies often suffer from dramatic consequences when in the firing line of counterfeiters. Across all industries, businesses are already trying to protect themselves from brand abuse, counterfeits and plagiarism. Yet many of them still expect a severe tightening of their piracy problems.

Therefore, advancing existing anti-counterfeiting measures becomes indispensable. Innovative communications – i.e. the novel use of traditional instruments from advertising, PR and merchandising – play a central role in the efforts to achieve improvement.

Based on our contribution to a 2012 conference of the Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, VDI), the white paper “Piraterie-Abwehr in der Medizintechnik” explains how to establish a more efficient protection from counterfeits by using the example of a specific industry branch.

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