EU doubles budget for anti-piracy measures

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The anti-piracy coalition IPC3 of Europol and EUIPO receives a major financial injection. The special unit, which already has a strong track record, should be able to further strengthen and expand its counterfeiting and fraud measures.

From now on, the EU’s IPC3 (the Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition) can look forward to more financial support: due to the special unit’s successes so far, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has now doubled its budget. As a result, the scope of the IPC3 can be expanded significantly.

Internet scanning, the analysis and processing of data and the increased training of national law enforcement agencies will for example be added to the tasks of the IPC3’s anti-piracy investigators. Since the ICP3’s inception in July 2016 (we reported), the unit has been providing operational and technical support to investigators inside and outside the EU. It has helped confiscate millions of counterfeit products and bring down several international criminal networks. In 2017 alone, IPC3 engaged in 36 major cases and actions, such as central operations by Europol and Interpol, including operation Silver Axe II against counterfeit pesticides and operation Opson VI to combat counterfeit food (we reported).

“IPC3 is a success story, both in terms of its activities and in terms of the support it has given to enforcement authorities both inside and outside the EU. With increased funding, the unit will be able to concentrate on a wider range of tasks,” explains António Campinos, Executive Director at EUIPO.

“The rapidly-evolving digital world presents big challenges for enforcement officers tackling IP crime that cannot be solved by law enforcement alone. IPC3’s operational successes are the perfect example of how building robust partnerships between the stakeholders involved is vital to effectively combat this crime. We welcome EUIPO’s decision to reinforce its support to the IPC3,” adds Rob Wainwright, Executive Director at Europol.

Sources: Europol, Markenartikel

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