The year in review – your highlights of 2021

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Recap the past year: Our highlights of 2021 gather some spectacular cases, background reports, and studies – for example, about alarming customs findings; about original manufacturers being blamed for counterfeiting; and about counterfeit gray market goods.

As the year 2021 is drawing to a close, we would like to express a sincere thank you to all our readers. Once more, you have shown an extraordinarily strong interest over the past months. As a short retrospective, we have selected some highlights from the various interesting news and background reports of the past months – we hope you enjoy reading them!


Your favorites of 2021

These articles have been among our most interesting posts for you in the past year:

Deutscher Zoll: Beschlagnahmungswerte steigen 2020 dramatisch

German customs: sharp increase in seizure value in 2020

German customs saw a massive surge in the value of seized counterfeits in 2020. In total, authorities seized counterfeits worth hundreds of millions of euros; the increase in some industries is particularly striking, as customs statistics show.

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Studie: Konsumenten sehen Hersteller mit verantwortlich für PlagiateStudy: Consumers see manufacturers as partly responsible for fakes

For consumers, brand owners are often also responsible when it comes to counterfeiting, says a recent study. One in five consumers would even boycott a brand if they unintentionally bought a counterfeit on the Web.

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Millionenschwerer Betrug mit gefälschten ParallelimportenScam worth millions with counterfeit parallel imports

As alleged gray market goods, counterfeit detergents worth millions were placed on the market in Switzerland – and made their way as far as Germany. Reports from customers eventually alerted the brand owners to the counterfeits.

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Editors’ picks of 2021

If you ask us, these articles are also among 2021’s highlights:

Neue Gesetze gegen illegalen Online-Handel geplant

New laws to tackle illegal online trade planned

Due to booming e-commerce, the trade in counterfeits is also undergoing a change. Now, new laws in both the EU and the USA could make important online marketplaces more accountable in the fight against counterfeiting.

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Amazon stellt Bilanz seiner Counterfeit Crimes Unit vorAmazon presents results of its Counterfeit Crimes Unit

One year after launching Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit, the e-commerce giant reports on its results against counterfeiting – and it calls for more effective action by authorities and business. However, business representatives continue to criticize the online retailer.

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Daimler: Online-Handel mit Plagiaten nimmt stark zuDaimler: Online trade in counterfeit products increases sharply

Trade in counterfeit car parts is more and more often happening via the Internet, also due to the Coronavirus pandemic – reports the car manufacturer Daimler, for example. The company has adapted its brand protection strategy and tripled its results against fakes traded online.

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And a highlight on our own behalf

Finally, we would like to mention our latest webinar, which has become available as a recording:

Daimler: Online-Handel mit Plagiaten nimmt stark zuNow on demand: Webinar on anti-counterfeiting in the sales channel

Learn more about brand protection strategies for your distribution channel in the German-language webinar with experts from Karg und Petersen and Arvato Systems. Out now, the on-demand session shows how companies can protect their sales channel from counterfeiting with Track & Trace and dedicated communications.

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Additionally, numerous of our posts on social media received great attention, e.g. covering our articles about chip shortage and counterfeit electronics, an action against trafficking of fake rum into the EU, and a study saying that one in ten social media conversations concerns fakes.

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The next edition of our newsletter will be published in January 2022. The entire Anti-Piracy Analyst team wishes you a happy holiday season and a good start to the new year 2022. Take care and stay healthy!

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